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How do I use a fire extinguisher?

Axel Fire Safety

A short guide

There are many fire extinguishers, for example in your work and maybe even in your home environment, in public buildings, which you visit, and in the cars, you drive with. That is mandatory and necessary. But how do these hand fire extinguishers work? Here you will find it out:

The fire extinguisher is used as follows:

Pull out the locking pin.

The locking pin ensures that the fire extinguisher does not accidentally open. To extinguish you must press the lever.

Test the device.

Test the fire extinguisher by pointing the hose to the ground and briefly pressing the pistol of the ejector.

What kind of fire can I extinguish with a fire extinguisher?

Choose a suitable starting position:

A fire is always extinguished from a safe distance. This usually complies with a distance of 4 to 6 meters. Stand as close to a door as possible so you can quickly escape the fire if you cannot extinguish it.

Outside, a fire is always extinguished with the wind direction.

Concentration is needed:

Point the extinguishing agent ejector down to the source of the fire. Press the lever completely. Extinguish from left to right and take your time. Only when the flames are entirely left, move the deletion a little further into the middle. Extinguish long enough so that the fire does not flare up again. You can erase 30 to 40 seconds with a handheld fire extinguisher. That is long enough for a small fire.

Check if the fire is extinguished:

Extinguish until the device is empty. Check if the fire is completely extinguished. Go back to the door while watching the fire. Inform the fire department. Get a second fire extinguisher in case the fire re-ignites.

Keep an eye on your safety:

Only incipient fires without embers or smoke you can try to extinguish by yourself. Everything else should be left to the professionals of the fire department. Do not put yourself in danger.

During our fire safety training, you will have the opportunity to extinguish a fire by yourself. You can try it several times until you master the technique.

Our participants always find this very instructive. They feel safe after the workshop and are confident that they can assess a fire and – if necessary fight it.
Do you want to try it yourself? Feel free to contact us.

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