Stand out as a fireproof community

The local authority is responsible for the fire protection in public buildings. Hopefully, you will not be faced with a heavy fire in your community, but you can be well prepared for the worst.

As the person that is responsible for security in your community, you are confronted with many questions: Are all public buildings fireproofed? Are there emergency measures everywhere? Is the staff familiar with them? Can you surely bring everyone to safety when a fire breaks out?


Evacuation of a public building

The evacuation of a sports hall, a swimming pool, a town hall, a library or a museum requires a specific approach. Each building is different, the number of visitors varies, the type of visitors may be different, etc.

During our practical evacuation training, we work in different buildings with different scenarios. We work very precisely with you, so that your employees have evacuated safely and efficiently staff members and visitors before the arrival of the emergency service.

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Extinguish fire

Fire safety is crucial in a public building. Employees can save lives and limit the damage. A profound qualification is crucial for this.

During our training program (small extinguishers) , the staff learns to extinguish a starting fire and a burning person with a blanket.

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Create a fire protection file

You are required by law to provide a specific fire safety documentation. In addition, you should be well prepared and not leave anything to chance.

We are here to help. You can contact us for a fire safety analysis, a risk analysis, a contingency plan, fire detector positioning plans and an escape and rescue plan. In addition, we check all your documents.

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