Know your risks and solve them!

The fire safety analysis provides you with valuable information about the status of the fire safety of your building and the potential risks. But what is the risk of a fire? How serious are the consequences? How often are you at risk? And is there a chance to tackle the risk? Our detailed risk analysis will give you an answer to these questions.

What is a risk analysis?

We use the Kinney and FRAME methods to develop a powerful and cost-effective fire safety concept for your building. These are completely transparent and practical methods, used to calculate and map fire risks.
The Kinney method is suitable for general risk analysis. For care facilities and hospitals, we use the FRAME method, paying particular attention to the risks to people (patients, residents).


Benefits for you

Our fire risk analysis complies with the legal requirements for conducting such an analysis. However, that is not all. It provides valuable information about potential risks and how to deal with them. This ensures that you, your colleagues and all persons in your building are optimally protected.


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