Fire safety, our priority

Avoid risks and plan the procedure

You are legally obliged to observe the general fire protection regulations. Additional requirements are placed on inpatient care facilities, hospitals, day-care centers and other similar buildings.
Has your facility been refurbished lately? Were there any changes in a service area? Did you buy new equipment? Then there is a high probability that new sources of danger have emerged. However, don’t be bothered by these risks,

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Fire protection file: mandatory and necessary

We are your partner for the preparation of the necessary analyzes, plans and documentation around the fire protection of your buildings. We ensure that they are legal and proper and that you will be well prepared in the event of a fire. Thanks to our experience of 20 years, we know it in detail.

Fire protection analysis

We analyze the fire safety of your building, identify potential risks and come up with suggestions for you to tackle them.

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Risk analysis

For certain fire risks we carry out further analyzes. Here you can find information about the severity of the consequences, the likelihood of a fire outbreak and the frequency with which you are exposed to the risk.

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Emergency plan

Thanks to our action cards, every employee knows his role in the event of a fire, where extinguisher are hanging and where the emergency exits are. We have also established fixed procedures that regulate the behavior in case of a fire.

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Fire detector positioning plans

Emergency services use these fire detector-positioning plans to locate quickly your company, existing site and building accesses, departments, dangerous substances, and more. (Firefighters use fire detector-positioning plans as a guide to find the triggering fire detector to ensure a rapid location of the fire source.)

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Escape and rescue plans

Escape and rescue plans hang on the inner walls of your buildings and inform you and your visitors about extinguishing agents, collection points, emergency exits and escape routes.

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