Ensuring a safe environment for the elderly

As the responsible person for the safety of your care facility, you have many questions: Do we comply with all legal requirements? Are the emergency procedures familiar to the employees? Can we get all residents to safety in time in case of a fire? Can the staff handle a fire extinguisher?


Easy and efficient evacuation

The evacuation of a care facility requires a specific approach. You work with people who are completely or partially restricted. In addition, they may be confused or denied, which can complicate the evacuation. Furthermore, visitors (including children) and apprentices can be in the buildings.

During our practical evacuation training, we work with different scenarios and approach the subject very specifically. This allows your staff to learn how to safely and efficiently evacuate the residents and bring them to safety even before the emergency services arrive.

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Extinguish a beginning fire

Fire protection is essential in a nursing home. Your employees can save lives if they are properly trained and know how to react appropriately to a fire.

During our fire safety training you and your colleagues learn how to extinguish a fire and a burning person with a blanket.

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Create a fire protection file

You are required by law to provide a specific fire safety documentation. In addition, you should be well prepared and you should not leave anything to chance.

We are here to help. You can contact us for a fire safety analysis, a risk analysis, an emergency plan, fire detector positioning plans and an escape and rescue plan. In addition, we check all your documents.


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