Protect your children from the dangers of a fire

Working with small children requires great security. You should eliminate risks as much as possible and provide them with the much-needed protection. Fire seems to be a less common risk, but it can have terrible effects.

Therefore, you should be better prepared. A combined firefighting file, well-trained nursery workers, good signage, free escape routes … this can protect life and your facility.


React reasonable to a fire

Do your employees know what they have to do with a smoke alarm? Can you handle a fire extinguisher? Do you know the emergency numbers? Well-trained nursery workers can save lives and limit the damage. However, lack of knowledge and of preparation can have dramatic consequences.

During our fire safety training , the staff learns to extinguish a starting fire and a burning person with a blanket.

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Evacuate small children

The evacuation of a day nursery requires a certain approach. Your work with small children who often cannot come out on their own and are very dependent on you. In a fire outbreak, you should avoid chaos and act quickly and effectively.

During our practical evacuation training, we work with different scenarios in your building and target the topic. In this way, you and your staff learn to evacuate successfully and bring the children to safety even before emergency services arrive.


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Create a fire protection file

You are required by law to provide a specific fire safety documentation. In addition, you should be well prepared and not leave anything to chance.

We are here to help. You can contact us for a fire safety analysis, a risk analysis, a contingency plan, fire detector positioning plans and an escape and rescue plan. In addition, we check all your documents.


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