Save lives in every situation

As a hospital employee, you set yourself up every day to heal and help people. But what do you do in a fire? Do you know how to protect yourself, your colleagues and your patients? What do you do if you are currently operating or reviving someone?

During our workshops in your hospital, you learn, among other things, how to evacuate efficiently a floor or a department. Additional attention is paid to the medical environment and the operating room.


Unique use in the operating room

The evacuation of the operating rooms requires a certain procedure. During an operation, you cannot leave the room when the fire alarm is triggered. But what can you do? Do doctors, nurses and technical staff know their task? How can the patient get to safety and where can the surgery be continued?

These and many other questions will be covered during our workshops, which will take place in your operating room. We work with realistic scenarios and devices.

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Digital tools

We use digital tools to simulate the initial situation. The BullsEye system simulates fire on a screen. With a digital fire extinguisher, you must try to extinguish fire. The system detects by sensors when you turn on the fire extinguisher so that the size of the flames on the screen will vary and the fire will be extinguished. It is a very good and realistic way to work with a fire extinguisher.

Since it is not possible to use a smoker’s device in an operating room, we use the misty mask. This kind of glasses simulates smoke. Thanks to this mask, you learn to act properly in a smoke-filled room.

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Create a fire protection file

You are required by law to provide a specific fire safety documentation. In addition, you should be well prepared and not leave anything to chance.

We are here to help. You can contact us for a fire safety analysis, a risk analysis, an emergency plan, fire detector positioning plans and an escape and rescue plan. In addition, we check all your documents.


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