Do not be surprised by a fire

Be prepared, minimize the damage, save lives

Do you know what to do when the fire alarm sounds? Have you ever thought about how to protect yourself, your colleagues and other people inside the building? Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher?

Many people do not know how to react specifically to a fire. It is very important, however, that every employee knows his tasks and can react appropriately. This avoids human and financial losses.

During our training, you and your colleagues will learn in a practical way how to handle fire and how to evacuate people from the building.

The courses take place in your work environment. Your employees do not have to leave work and lose time. We work per department and with different scenarios.

Fire safety training

You will learn how to open safely a door of a room where it is burning and to extinguish a beginning fire. You will learn how much time you have to put out a fire and you will get many practical tips.

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Training for evacuation

You will learn how to evacuate efficiently all persons that are in a burning building. Special attention will be given during evacuation to persons who are disabled and not mobile.

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Theoretical training online

We offer you the opportunity to learn the theoretical part with our e-learning platform. Your employees can then complete the online training, as it is suitable for you in time and without leaving the workplace.

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