Fire protection is custom-made

Fire protection for you and your working environment

Fire protection is always adapted to your needs. The chemical industry has a different need than a residential nursing home and a hospital has a different requirement than a mall. Every company is unique in this respect: buildings, products, people, processes, size, etc.

Contact us for a customized fire protection and training offer. At the beginning, we will get an idea of your situation and your needs to show than how we can help to improve fire safety in your buildings and for your employees.

We would like to know what we can do for you.

We would like to know what we can do for you. Contact us!

Care facilities

How do you evacuate older people who are disable or restricted? Who evacuates primarily? Who is responsible in case of a fire? Do you have an emergency plan and action cards?

Yes, no, maybe…


How do you evacuate the medical department? What do your surgeons do when a fire breaks out during a surgery? Have you recently performed a fire safety analysis?

You are not quite sure?


Are the emergency plans for all public buildings in order? Do you regularly organize evacuation exercises? Can the staff extinguish an erupting fire?

We need help.

Facilities of the charities

Do you have emergency plans for all facilities and buildings for which you are responsible? Do all employees know their task? Can you extinguish a fire?

Support us with that.

Day care centers

How can you evacuate babies and toddlers quickly and safely? Do all children educators know the emergency measures? Do you have an introductory brochure for trainees?

I want to prepare and protect myself better.

Shopping malls

Are all emergency exits free? Does every shopkeeper know the emergency plan? Do you regularly organize large evacuation exercises? Are you prepared for a fire, a bomb alert or another catastrophe?

There are still gaps in our process.


Do you have a fire protection file for your new office building? Do your employees know how to react in case of a fire? Is your warehouse signposted according to regulations?

No, help us !


Are the contingency plans for your chemical site still up to date? Does a new production line leads to additional risks? Are your employees trained sufficiently? Do you know how to respond to a disaster?

Ask for professional support.


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