Fire safety is a necessity

The effects of a fire can be devastating in financial, economic, environmental and human terms. Fire safety is therefore crucial.

Are you sufficiently prepared for a fire? Are there clear and current emergency measures for all locations and buildings? Do you have a well-trained internal fire safety officer? Do all employees know the necessary procedures? Can you extinguish an erupting fire before the (own) fire service arrives? Are all emergency exits free? Do you regularly organize large evacuation exercises?

You can contact us both for training your staff and for preparing the necessary documentation.

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React reasonable to a fire

What should you do during a smoke alarm? How should you use a fire extinguisher? Which emergency numbers should you call? Well-trained employees can save lives and limit the damage. However, lack of knowledge and of preparation can have dramatic consequences.

During our fire safety training , the staff learns to extinguish a starting fire and a burning person with a blanket.

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Efficient evacuation saves money and life

When evacuating a block, department or site, you must avoid chaos and respond quickly and efficiently. During our hands-on evacuation training you and your colleagues learn to behave appropriately in different situations.

The courses take place in your buildings. We approach the subject very specifically so that your employees learn to evacuate quickly and successfully and to get to safety.

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Create a fire protection file

You are required by law to provide a specific fire safety documentation. In addition, you should be well prepared and not leave anything to chance.

We are here to help. You can contact us for a fire safety analysis, a risk analysis, a contingency plan, fire detector positioning plans and an escape and rescue plan. In addition, we check all your documents.

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